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You’re in the right place if you’re looking for the most comfortable office chair!

After some years of pain and aches (neck, back, lower back, head…), I tried looking for the most comfortable office chair online, but I didn’t find any good suggestions.

This actually led to my career as a chair designer, you can find out more about me here.

A lot of people (including me) sit behind a desk all day, everyday. Having a good chair will make your work, your gaming, your reading, whatever you do, more enjoyable.

On this website I share my experience and knowledge about the many office chairs that I’ve tested.

If you can’t be bothered reading too much text, then scroll down to this months recommendations. I release the “top 5 most comfortable office chairs” every month at the bottom of this page.

Quick overview

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Why buy a comfortable office chair?

Why buy a comfortable office chair?
If there’s anything you can do to make your working hours more comfortable, it’s your office chair. Sitting in an uncomfortable chair for too long can cause various problems such as backaches and cardiovascular diseases.

Anyone who works from 9 to 5 knows that sitting all day long is a pain in the neck. Our body and its support system are not made to sit for long hours in front of a desk, but unfortunately, most office jobs demand so.

According to some studies, sitting for such long hours is more dangerous than smoking; this is because it can lead to:

  • Spinal misalignment
  • Neck pain
  • Joint pain
  • Numbness
  • Herniated discs

To make your office life easier and to avoid the health issues mentioned above, it is necessary to opt for an office chair that is comfortable and has other health-related benefits.

So what comes to your mind when you first think of a comfortable office chair? One with a high back or with a comfortable seat? No matter what the features of the chair are, the most important thing to consider is your comfort.

You should invest in a chair that is comfortable and durable and doesn’t cause pain when you have to sit for long. I have shortlisted some of the best and most comfortable chairs with amazing features so that you can easily opt for the most comfortable office chair.

What should you look for in a comfortable office chair?

All office chairs are different, but almost all of them focus on comfort and body posture. Each manufacturer has their own way of making a chair comfortable, there’s actually a whole science to it. Without boring you with precise measurements, it comes down to the following points:
What should you look for in a comfortable office chair?

  • Cushioning
  • Back rest and seat size
  • Materials used
  • Lumbar support
  • Upper back support
  • Neck support
  • Armrests

Cheap chairs are cheap because they cut costs on some of the points mentioned above. This is why you should avoid chairs that you buy at your local Walmart. A cheap (badly made) office chair won’t hurt your wallet, but it will hurt your back and neck.

What chair should I buy?

This depends on your body type, your budget and the amount of time that you will be spending sitting down.

On this website I only recommend chairs that are suited for all body types unless mentioned otherwise. If you’re looking to buy a chair that I haven’t reviewed, then you should check the product description for things like:

  • Is it suited for male or female users (or both)?
  • Is the chair comfortable for tall and short people?
  • If you’re overweight you will have to check the max load, especially with the cheaper models
  • Does it have proper back support? You don’t want to end up with (lower) back pain
  • What is the build quality, does it use cheap materials?
  • Not a very important point but I’ll mention it anyway: is it easy to assemble?

You must ask yourself these questions before making your decision. Not all chairs are suited for tall people and vice versa, you should always look at the product description.

The more expensive chairs will be fine no matter what though, they’re made for every body type.

This months top 5 most comfortable office chairs

1. Steelcase Gesture Chair

Steelcase Gesture Chair

The Steelcase Gesture Chair is one of the best ergonomic chairs on the market. The chair is designed for different body sizes and positions to protect and support the neck and back.

This chair has all the latest and most up-to-date features to make your working hours easier. The designer of this chair has taken into account all the ergonomic functions as well as the non-ergonomic functions such as folding, size, durability, stain resistance, weight, design, and stacking ability.

It uses the LiveBack technology that works in accordance with the natural movement of the spine and adjusts according to the body posture. The armrests of the chair allow you to change your body postures easily. The armrest can be adjusted to and fro, and it can also swivel 360 degrees to support the arm in different positions.


  • The Gesture 360 arm works in accordance with the human arm to support different positions. It provides support to the arm and shoulders while writing, texting, typing on a keyboard, or swiping on a tablet.
  • The 3D LiveBack technology creates recline and supports the spinal cord. It supports the body from three areas: arms, back, and the seat.
  • The chair is designed to fit different sizes and types of bodies. It provides comfort to all types of users.
  • The headrest features a 90-degree rotation, backward and forward movement, and height adjustment.
Lowest price for: Steelcase Gesture Chair

2. Herman Miller Embody Chair

Herman Miller Embody Chair

If money is not a problem when you are buying your office chair, then you should buy the one with the most amazing features and supreme quality.

The Embody Chair by Herman Miller is made with a health-positive design and is very comfortable for the spine and back. It improves the blood circulation in the body by maintaining a healthy posture and giving support to the whole system.

Different physicians and experts were hired to understand the body functions and support system, and then the specifications of this chair were worked upon. This chair has won several awards for its superb performance in creating a healthy lifestyle. Hence, if you aren’t short on budget and are very conscious about your health issues, you must consider this chair.

The Embody chair will not only make your long working hours easier and more comfortable, but it will also improve your sitting posture.


  • The mesh material of this chair allows ventilation and keeps your body from being heated during long working hours. The material is very breathable and allows air to pass through it, thus stimulating the oxygen flow. This keeps you focused and relaxed throughout your sitting period.
  • It has six ergonomic adjustments to support your body and maintain a healthy posture.
  • The chair consists of a pixelated support that gives you the perfect balance when you sit on it. It automatically adapts to the movement of the body and aligns with your spine. Hence, whether you’re reclining forward or backward, it’ll move with you for added comfort.
  • The Embody chair’s advanced technology and perfect mechanism help deal with different types of strains such as head, neck, hip, and lumbar strain.
Lowest price for: Herman Miller Embody Chair

3. Eurotech Ergohuman Office Chair

Eurotech Ergohuman

This is a very comfy office chair and was designed especially for people who face problems while sitting in their chair for long hours. It is not too expensive and will be a nice addition to your office or home if you want a nice and comfortable chair with ergonomic adjustments and durability.

The chair meets the BIFMA/ANSI standards and is also GREENGUARD certified. It is made up of recyclable materials and thus, it is very environmentally friendly. If you’re tall enough and face problems while resting your head on a chair, this chair will automatically adjust its head and lumbar support to accommodate you.


  • It consists of many customizable parts such as the seat height, arm height and movement, rocker tension, synchro tilt, tilt lock, and headrest. You can move these parts up/down and to/fro to align them according to your body size.
  • The breathable mesh allows air to flow easily through it so that you feel more comfortable and relaxed while you’re sitting for long periods. The leather upholstery is comfortable enough to make you feel more focused on your tasks.
  • The seat is wider than other chairs to accommodate you regardless of your body stature.
Lowest price for: Eurotech Ergohuman Office Chair

4. Steelcase Leap Chair

Steelcase Leap Chair

The main features of the Steelcase Leap Chair are the support and comfort that it provides. This chair is very popular among office employees because of its comfort and style.

The back of this chair mimics the human sitting posture and enhances the support and comfort it provides. It is an expensive chair, but it offers good value for money. Buying a cheap product doesn’t mean you should settle for a poor quality one.

It is made up of fully recycled materials and when it expires, the materials can be re-used, thus being environment-friendly as well. It is very flexible and has many optimizable features that are admired by many people and thus, it is the best-seller of Steelcase.


  • The chair uses the LiveBack technology that automatically conforms to the natural human posture. This feature allows you to adjust the seat position and make yourself more comfortable and relaxed.
  • The innovative glide system enables you to recline to any position and while you recline, you don’t have to miss your comfort. The chair keeps on comforting your spine and whenever you move, it moves with you.
  • The adjustable ergonomics such as the armrest, headrest, and lower back allows you to customize it according to your requirements. Every part of this chair is flexible and automatically adjusts according to your body type.
Lowest price for: Steelcase Leap Chair

5. IKEA Markus

IKEA Markus

The IKEA Markus has a high back and comes with a choice of colors and fabric. You can choose your desired color and fabric i.e. leather or padded. It has a mesh back that promotes ventilation and makes the chair breathable. It has a very simple design and is a perfect solution to make your working hours more comfortable.

This chair is perfect for you if you’re on a budget and want something comfortable to keep at your office. It is very attractively designed and has lots of features that can amaze you apart from the comfort and ease.


  • There is a back tilting mechanism that allows you to recline at a certain position without making an uncomfortable move. The mechanism is very smooth and you won’t feel you’re sitting back or reclining backward or forward.
  • The back is made up of mesh material and is breathable enough. It helps to keep you cool and relaxed during long working hours at the office.
  • The height of this chair is adjustable and it can also tilt and lock.
  • It has a curved design to support the back. The curved design mimics the human back and allows you to sit more comfortably.

Click here to see the current price on Ikea

Bottom line

A comfortable and reliable office chair is necessary because it makes you more focused and relaxed. If you are sitting in a comfortable chair, you’ll be able to work more efficiently. Also, investing in a good chair will save you from various health issues such as back, neck, hip, and shoulder pains.

Looking at the features, comfort, ergonomic adjustments, and affordability, my pick of for the most comfortable office chair is the Steelcase Gesture Chair.

If you’re looking for more recommendations then please have a look at my other guides. Use the navigation or search bar at the top of the page to find your most comfortable office chair!