About Me

Hey! My name’s Josh, welcome to my website.

I grew tired of my back problems and ass numbness after sitting behind my desk all day (everyday). I always wondered why sitting is usually so uncomfortable, so I did some research.

I figured that maybe other people would enjoy hearing about my experience, and I can answer some questions via a website.

This grew into what is now today mostcomfortableofficechair.net. This website is dedicated to giving my visitors the best possible recommendations for their office chair needs. I can stop people from overpaying on badly made chairs.

Some people have back problems, some just simply want a comfortable office chair for less than $200. Whatever it is, I’ve probably written a guide/recommendation page about it.

Use the navigation menu at the top of the website to see the different buying guides.

Yes, I do make a small commission if you click any of my Amazon links. This money helps me pay for the hosting server, domain name and my webdeveloper. If you’ve found a chair via this website please consider using my affiliate link 🙂

All reviews I do are 100% done by me and are all 100% brutally honest.

I do not have any deals with any chair manufacturers, so if I like a chair, I will recommend it. If I don’t, I will let it be known 😉