Back Stretching Exercises For Pain Relief

Many of us today spend long hours at work sitting down in front of a desk. We all know how it feels to have a stiff back and sore neck at the end of a long day, some simple exercises can help relieve that pain and stiffness.

Back pain is no joke

Nagging back pain can turn a day at the office into a living nightmare. The last thing you want is constant pain throughout an entire day. It ruins your productivity, can make you really cranky and it just doesn’t feel very nice to be in pain.

Two simple back stretches

Below are two simple back stretches you can do in your office chair that can help relieve pain in your lower back. Exercises like this can help to prevent long term problems that are caused from sitting all day long from developing in the first place.

Exercise one
Cross your legs and then with both hands pull your knees back towards your chest until you feel the stretch in your lower back and buttock. Hold that for about ten seconds and then release. You can then repeat the exercise with your legs crossed the other way.

Exercise two
Sit forward on the front edge of your chair and lean forwards as if you are about to put your hands on the floor and relax your neck.You should feel the stretch across your lower back. Hold this for about ten seconds. You should then repeat this exercise ten times.

Video Demonstration

In this short video Dr. Ladd demonstrates these two simple techniques that will help you to relieve the pain and stiffness built up over a long working day.

As you can see both exercises are really quite simple and quick to perform with a minimum of fuss. However busy your workplace is you won’t be disturbing anybody and it will only take up a couple of minutes of your valuable time.

A few more stretches you can try

If you found the first two exercises beneficial you may like to try out some more. In this longer video they demonstrate several different stretches that you can do while sitting in an office chair.

There many different stretches that you can do that will help to ease pain or stiffness. All of them are quick, unobtrusive and easy to do. Wherever you work it shouldn’t be a problem for you to take a couple of minutes here and there to make sure your back is pain free.

Make the effort, it’s worth it

A little bit of effort goes a long way. There is no reason on this earth for you not to take your health seriously and ensuring your back stays strong and pain free should be important to you.

You should always try to consider your back’s health. Be it making an effort to correct your seating posture, buying an office chair that supports your back properly or spending a couple of minutes throughout the day to perform some simple back stretches.