The Best Home Office Chair 2019

Do you work from home and do you spend long hours seated in front of a computer screen? Fed up feeling stiff and sore after a long day? Buying a good home office chair is the first step towards a healthier and more comfortable work day.

Best Home Office Chair: Quick overview

Viva Office - Hottest Argomax - Ergonomic Hon - Ignition Hon - VL705 Hon - Lota
9.5/10 7/10 8/10 9/10 9/10
Viva Office – Hottest Argomax – Ergonomic Hon – Ignition Hon – VL705 Hon – Lota
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The best home office chair: 5 reviewed

With such a wide choice of chairs to buy for all budget ranges choosing the right chair can be a time consuming process. I have scoured the net to bring you my selection, these are in my opinion the five best home office chairs.

Viva Office – Hottest

Viva Office - Hottest

This chair shouldn’t even be on this list. With such a massive reduction in price, I felt that I couldn’t possibly leave this excellent office chair out.

Featuring an ergonomic design this full function high-back chair is a joy to sit in. With built-in lumbar support and fully adjustable arm and headrests the Viva is perfect for people that sit for long hours.

Combined with pneumatic height adjustment these features ensure getting into the the right sitting position for you has never been easier.

To top all this off the Viva features resistant polyurethane casters. Say goodbye to unsightly scratches on your office floor.

The Good

  • The price – The price for this chair normally comes in at over $$$$. For under $$$ I really doubt that many other chairs will come close to this kind of quality and support.
  • Quality materials – With high quality materials used throughout, this chair should last you at least 6+ years. A leather seat and backrest combined with sturdy italian made base means you won’t be looking for a new chair for many years to come.
  • Fully adjustable armrests – Sitting tying for long hours can play havoc with your posture. With fully adjustable armrests you can ensure that you are seated in a comfortable position with your arms supported properly.
  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment – Takes any difficulty in raising and lowering your seat and makes it easy. One touch controls and a smooth action is just another feature of this amazing office chair.

The Bad
I honestly couldn’t find a bad thing to say about this chair. From top to bottom it’s an excellent product and I strongly recommend checking it out. This is why it’s currently my top pick in the Best Home Office Chair category.

Lowest price for: Viva Office - Hottest

Argomax – Ergonomic

Argomax - Ergonomic

This stylish and modern looking office chair is perfect for those long days at the office. With fully adjustable armrests and height control, being uncomfortable while working hard will be a thing of the past.

Tilt tension controls allow for variable back positions, although it does not lock in place when leaning back.

Its contemporary mesh back and headrest helps to keep you cool in the summer months by providing excellent air circulation.

The Good

  • Ease of assembly – Arriving with minimal assembly required and clear step-by-step instructions putting together this Argomax office chair is simple. With all tools included it even comes with extra screws just in case you misplace some.
  • Fully adjustable armrests – Not only adjustable for height, the padded tops also swivel 360 degrees allowing you to maximum support whatever your seating position.
  • Easy to clean – Its mesh back and sturdy vinyl base allows for easy cleaning. Simply wipe down with a damp cloth and allow to dry.

The Bad

  • No locking mechanism for lean back positions – Sometimes you just want to lean back and relax in your chair. While this is possible in the Argomax you can’t lock the chair into a leaning position.
Lowest price for: Argomax - Ergonomic

Hon – Ignition

Hon - Ignition

This highly adjustable chair has it all. With a wide range of purchase options you can tailor this chair to your needs.

The option of 3 different back sizes, all with 6 lockable heights, means any frame can fit comfortably and receive the support it needs.

Height and Width adjustable arms take the strain out of long days spent typing.

The Good

  • Loads of purchase options – Customise your chair so that it is perfect for you. Featuring three different tilt-mechanisms, offering you the ability to choose the kind of support that your back requires. Not all people fit in the same chair. The HON ignition gives you the choice of three different back sizes, choose the perfect size for your frame.
  • Breathable mesh back – The summer months can be hot and sticky in an office. The breathable mesh back allows for free air circulation. This keeps your back cool and dry in hot weather and lets you stay comfortable at work.
  • Incredible build quality – Everything about this chair screams quality. From iits solid hardwearing base to its stylish and comfortable mesh back. The HON Ignition is a high end office chair for a mid range price.
  • Multiple colour choice – Not everyone wants their office chair in black. Maybe you work from home and you need a different colour to fit in with your home aesthetic. The Hon Ignition comes in over twenty five different colours. With such a wide range, finding the right colour chair for any home or office has never been easier.

The Bad

  • Assembly instructions could of been clearer – The assembly required is actually minimal with no tools required so this isn’t as bad as you think. All you need to do is attach the base to the chair. With a little planning even people with little to no DIY experience will be able to put this chair together in about ten minutes.
Lowest price for: Hon - Ignition

Hon – VL705

Hon - VL705

Another great HON product on this list. The Big and Tall Executive Chair is designed from the ground up with the larger person in mind.

Featuring tilt-tension controls and lockable tilt positions this excellent chair provides excellent lumbar support.

Especially suitable for people that spend a lot of typing due to its adjustable arm rests.

With its breathable mesh back, keeping cool in the hot office will be a breeze.

The Good

  • Built to last – The build quality of the Big and Tall Executive Chair by HON is impressive. All the components are of the highest quality, sturdy and heavy wearing. This is a chair that will last you a very long time.
  • Highly adjustable – From tilt-tension controls to fully adjustable armrests, the wealth of options allow you to create the ideal sitting position. Give your back the support it needs with inbuilt and adjustable lumbar support.
  • Suitable for larger and heavier frames – Suitable for people up to 450 pounds. The incredibly well made hard wearing components allow the Big and Tall Executive Chair by HON to offer the support and stability a larger frame needs.
  • Easy assembly – With clear step by step instructions and any needed tools included, putting this chair together is pretty easy. Should take one person no longer than twenty minutes to assemble.

The Bad

  • Arm height might be a little low for some – While this is unlikely to be a problem for many, some people may find the adjustable range of the arms might be a little low.
Lowest price for: Hon - VL705

Hon – Lota

Hon - Lota

This is one good looking chair. Its sleek contemporary design will look great in any home or office.

Natural ergonomic design provides excellent support for your body while working long hours at a desk.

Weight controls do away with unsightly looking paddles and leavers. Automatically adapts to a wide range of sizes and shapes.

The HON Lota delivers style without sacrificing the many benefits of an ergonomically designed chair.

The Good

  • Looks amazing – Sleek and contemporary in design The Lota is a modern day exercise in stylish office furniture. If aesthetics are important to you then you really can’t make a better choice. Will fit perfectly with the most modern and high class of office spaces.
  • Weight controls – The levers and paddles that come with most office chairs can be unsightly and fiddly. With its built in weight controls The Lota automatically settles into the position that offers the right amount of support whatever your body shape and posture.
  • Fully adjustable armrests – With a range of height, width and pivot options finding the most comfortable position for long periods of typing is really easy. Give your arms the support they need and eliminate the pain and stiffness that can increase as the day goes on.
  • Full lifetime warranty – As with all HON products, The HON Lota Mid-Back Work Chair comes with a lifetime warranty. One less thing for you to worry about in the unlikely event of problems with your chair. This excellent chair is built to last and will be the last chair you buy for many years to come.

The Bad
Another chair I couldn’t find anything wrong with. From easy assembly to the stunning finished look The HON Lota Mid-Back Work Chair is a fantastic addition to any office work space.

Lowest price for: Hon - Lota

The best home office chair, some final thoughts

With many of us spending long hours seated at desks or in front of computers, the need for comfortable and supportive seating has never been more important.

Inferior chairs can cause you many different health problems and adversely affect your posture.

The chairs I have shown you today offer you comfort, support and style all without breaking the bank.