Best Office Chair for Lower Back Pain 2019

Best Office Chair for Lower Back PainIf there is anything that can make your long and tiring office hours easier, it’s your chair.

If you are spending most of your time at the office on a chair, then you have to make sure that your lower back is getting the support it needs.

A chair that doesn’t suit your body type and and that is not able to support your lower back can cause all kinds of health issues (mainly lower back pain).

Sitting for long hours on an uncomfortable chair is unhealthy for your body, but unfortunately for most of us this is just the nature of our job.

I’m going to discuss what causes back pain and then I’ll show you my personal top 3 picks for the best office chair for lower back pain.

Best Office Chair for Lower Back Pain: Quick overview

Herman Miller – Embody Steelcase - Gesture Eurotech - Ergohuman
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Herman Miller – Embody Steelcase – Gesture Eurotech – Ergohuman
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How an uncomfortable office chair can cause lower back pain

Lower back pain is one of the worst things you can face. It can get extremely uncomfortable to do your job if your work requires you to sit for long hours.

If you have an existing backache, it’ll get worse and if you don’t have it, you’ll develop one.

The main reason behind this is your office chair, which is not comfortable and supportive enough to provide relief to your back.

Most of the people think that it is because of the long sitting hours that causes the lower back pain, but recently, a study revealed that sitting for long hours doesn’t necessarily cause back ache.

In short: it doesn’t matter how long you sit, as long as you’re sitting comfortably.

The following factors can lead to lower back pain:

  • If your office chair has a hard surface, it can trigger stiffness and sore muscles. A hard sitting surface is one of the leading causes of lower back pain. The pain and discomfort will start from the pelvic area and spread to the upper body.
  • Your office chair is not good for your back even if it has a very soft sitting surface. If the seat is too soft, it’ll cause you to sit in a bending posture and create pressure on the spine, which will lead to back pain.
  • The back of the chair is another thing that leads to lower back pain. The back of the chair supports your spine and creates a balancing posture. If the back of the chair is not in the right position or is either too soft or too hard, it may cause sciatica.
  • The height of the chair is another important factor that affects the back. A chair that is too low can be very troublesome as you’ll have to stretch your back and lean forward all the time. On the other hand, if it is too high, you’ll have to bend your back to do your work. These wrong positions can trigger lower back pain easily.
  • A chair without ergonomics and other adjustments are bound to create pains and stiffness in the body. The absence of lumbar support also makes it hard to sit for long hours.

These are the best office chairs for lower back pain

1. Herman Miller Embody Chair

Herman Miller Embody Chair

The Herman Miller Embody Chair is my top pick because of its stylish look and modern technology.

It has a unique design and has all the features and adjustments that a good ergonomic chair should have.

The back of this chair is beautifully designed and is the key to comfortable seating.

According to the manufacturer Herman Miller, the back is called the ‘dynamic matrix of pixels’. It is specially designed to reduce stress on the body and stimulate blood circulation.


  • The Herman Miller Chair was manufactured with a health-positive design, and it features a unique exoskeleton back intended to mimic the human posture.
  • The back of the chair will move along with you and keep your back aligned.
  • It is equipped with six ergonomic features to make the sitting experience more comfortable.
  • The tilting technology supports the body and reduces stress in the thighs, pelvic area, and the back.
  • The flexible frame prevents unnecessary pressure on the arms and legs.
  • You can also adjust various parts of the chair such as seat depth, height, and armrests.
  • The dynamic matrix of pixels conforms to the body shape and allows you to move naturally.


  • Four-layer mesh material and a pixelated back; the mesh material allows air flow and keeps you fresh.
  • Tunable backrest; the Embody backrest enables you to adjust it to align with your spine.
  • Embody tilt present that allows you to tilt in any position with added support.
  • Adjustable seat height and adjustable armrests.
  • Six ergonomic functions which work together to support the body and lower the back pain.
  • Silk-like fabric that covers the mesh material.
Lowest price for: Herman Miller - Embody

2. Steelcase Gesture Chair

Steelcase Gesture Chair

Steelcase developed a chair keeping in mind the needs of office employees.

The Steelcase Gesture is designed to reduce lower back pain and provide comfort to the whole body.

This chair aims to conform to different natural postures and can accommodate various sizes.

It supports the back and neck and keeps the body at a comfortable and stress-free level.

The name ‘Gesture’ comes from its incredible support and high-quality materials that it offers.

The chair is expensive, but it delivers excellent value for money. It’s actually the chair I bought myself to help me with my back pain (and it did), so I can personally recommend it.

  • The Steelcase Gesture Chair uses a Live Back technology that adjusts its position and mimics the movement of the body.
  • The armrests are adjustable and can handle a variety of postures. You can keep on changing your arm position according to your comfort level.
  • This chair has been designed to overcome the hurdles that are faced by people who use common office chairs.
  • It promotes movement with freedom so that the body doesn’t come under pressure and stress due to sitting for long periods.
  • The arms can also swivel up to 360 degrees. The height is also adjustable and thus, it can accommodate people of different heights and sizes.


  • The seat and back move in synchronization to provide unlimited and constant support to the body.
  • Adjustable armrests and adjustable height lumbar support.
  • Casters available on choice (hard, soft, and plastic casters).
  • The leather fabric used with a partially upholstered back style.
Lowest price for: Steelcase - Gesture

3. Eurotech Ergohuman Ergonomic Office Chair

Eurotech Ergohuman

This ergonomic office chair is very supportive and not only helps maintain a proper body posture but also rectifies any shoulder, neck, or back pain.

It will protect you from those terrible pains and aches that make it hard for you to concentrate on your work properly.

The chair is environment-friendly as well since it is made up of certified quality materials and is safe for indoor use.

It meets the ANSI/BIFMA standards and the Green Guard Indoor Air Quality standards.

  • The chair is made up of mesh material which is breathable enough to promote air circulation. This prevents the heating up of the body from sitting for long periods.
  • The nylon casters make it easy to move from one place to another, so if you want to move while you’re sitting on it, it will offer a very smooth ride.
  • It has adjustable features such as height, tilt, back, and synchro tilt.
  • When you feel relaxed and comfortable at a particular position, you can quickly lock that position.
  • With the adjustable tilt function, you can recline at any angle without feeling that you’ll fall forward or backward.


  • Pneumatic height adjustment.
  • Synchro tilt mechanism.
  • Height-adjustable lumbar support and back angle adjustment.
  • Armrest adjustment and seat depth adjustment.
  • Back made up of mesh material.
  • Nylon casters for easy rolling.
Lowest price for: Eurotech - Ergohuman

Best office chair for lower back pain, some final words

If you want to get rid of lower back pain, spinal misalignment, numbness, joint pain, herniated disc, neck pain, and shoulder pain you need a good supportive chair.

You’ll feel the difference in just a few days, especially if your job requires you to sit for long periods (I have the Steelcase Gesture).

The three chairs reviewed are some of the best on the market as they have been researched and tested for many years before being manufactured.

UPDATE: I’ve written a short guide about the back stretches I do for pain relief, check it out by clicking here.