The Best Office Chair For Neck Pain in 2019

After a long day at the office, not to mention the annoying commute home, the pain and tension in your neck and shoulders can be unbearable. Neck pain brings with it a whole host of issues including but not limited to:

  • Headaches.
  • Increased stress.
  • Trouble Gripping or lifting objects.

The Best Office Chair For Neck Pain
One of the primary causes of neck pain is the compression of nerves in your neck. This can be caused by ingrained sitting habits that encourage a bad posture.

There are many different ergonomically designed chairs out there produced to help with this exact problem. Finding the right chair to help you with your neck pain can be complicated, thats where I come in. These are the chairs that I recommend buying if you suffer from neck pain.

Best Office Chair For Neck Pain: Quick overview

Office Factor - Executive Argomax - Ergonomic Steelcase - Gesture
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Office Factor – Executive Argomax – Ergonomic Steelcase – Gesture
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Some things you should consider before buying your new chair

A new chair should last you a long time. And thank goodness for that because a new ergonomic chair can cut quite deep into your savings. Here are some things you should definitely think about before hitting that buy button.

Does it offer the required neck support?
With so many chairs on the market finding one that offers the right support for your neck should be no problem. Check that your new chair has adjustable back height and neck rest. Also worth considering is if the chair comes with an extra cushion for your neck, not all chairs offer this and it is an important feature to look out for when buying a chair that will help ease neck pain.

Is the build quality and are the materials up to scratch?
When spending what can be a considerable sum, it is prudent to make sure your purchase is of the highest quality. Cheap construction can mean a squeaky or unstable chair. Shoddy materials can tear or become worn early on. You might pay a bit more for a better chair, but in my eyes it is worth every single penny.

Is it suitable for your workplace environment?
Not everyone has the luxury of bringing any piece of furniture they want to work. Some office spaces demand a certain aesthetic, with the wide range of styles available you are in luck. With a little bit of research, I am confident you can find a chair that not only helps combat aches and pains but also looks good in your office.

My top three picks for the best office chair for neck pain

Office Factor – Executive

Office Factor - Executive

With over $$$ knocked off in the sale this executive managers chair is a very attractive option.

With its stylish mesh, high back providing excellent support and a comfy nylon headrest say goodbye to aches and pains caused by hours of sitting in inferior chairs.

The bottom of the headrest is gently curved outwards to give your neck the comfort and support it needs over the long hours working at your desk.

With fully adjustable armrests and a tension back with lock, getting the right position for a healthy and pain free days work is just a small adjustment away.

The Good

  • Excellent padded headrest
  • High mesh back
  • Fully adjustable armrests
  • Sturdy high quality frame
  • The price

The Bad

  • Can be difficult to put together
  • No height adjustable backrest (this is slightly offset by the standard extra height of the seat)
Lowest price for: Office Factor - Executive

Argomax – Ergonomic

Argomax - Ergonomic

Another massively reduced quality product. This mesh backed office chair by Argomax is a joy to sit in, saving $$$ on its sticker price is no small comfort either.

Its mesh back cradles your body and features the full range of adjustables to make your days at work more comfortable than ever. The adjustable headrest ensures that your neck has adequate support throughout long days sitting in front of a computer screen. Fully adjustable armrests with 360 swivel permits comfort and support while performing many different actions.

With its reduced price and multitude of features this office chair by Argomax is a sound and affordable choice.

The Good

  • Breathable mesh back and headrest
  • Height adjustable back, headrest and arms
  • Easy to clean
  • Built in lumbar support
  • The price
  • Easy assembly

The Bad

  • You have to catch it on sale to take advantage of this terrific discount
Lowest price for: Argomax - Ergonomic

Steelcase – Gesture (with headrest)

Steelcase - Gesture (with headrest)

The Steelcase Gesture is by far the most expensive chair on my list. From its stunning contemporary design to it wealth of features, designed for healthy and comfortable sitting, the Gesture sure does stand out in a crowd.

Its unique back and seat, that move as a synchronized system, provides all the support your body needs. Its fully adjustable curving headrest cradles your neck and supports your head allowing for one of the most comfortable seating experiences money can buy.

Aside from the level of comfort that a Gesture can bring you, fitting your new chair into the office has never been easier. An unmatched colour selection allows you to fit in with any office aesthetic.

The Good

  • Stunning contemporary design
  • Unique support features delivering a superior seating experience
  • Adjustable head and neck rest
  • Comes in many different colours
  • Comes pre assembled
  • Simple controls for easy adjustment

The Bad

  • The high price may be prohibitive for some
Lowest price for: Steelcase - Gesture (with headrest)

Don’t forget to do regular stretches!

No matter what office chair for neck pain you’re buying, you should always do a few stretches throughout the day. This only takes a couple of minutes and it help a great deal when it comes to preventing neck pain.

I am no expert in neck stretches, but I’ve found a great Youtube video:

The best office chair for neck pain, some final thoughts

Selecting the perfect office chair for you can be a difficult decision. I hope that my list today helps to narrow down that choice somewhat. Good head and neck support is crucial for a comfortable sitting position and should never be overlooked.

Say goodbye to evenings of stiff necks and painful headaches, a new chair could be the cure that you are looking for.