The Best High End Office Chairs of 2019

High End Office Chairs
Just got that big promotion with the swanky new office? Need the finishing touch to your high-class home work space? Do you understand the importance of a good office chair (and you’re willing to spend)?

Spending long hours at your desk doesn’t need to be uncomfortable. If you have the money, you can find something that is not only stylish and comfortable but also supportive where your body needs it to be.

High End Office Chairs: Quick overview

Herman Miller - Aeron Herman Miller - Embody Steelcase - Gesture Steelcase - Criterion Haworth - X99
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Herman Miller – Aeron Herman Miller – Embody Steelcase – Gesture Steelcase – Criterion Haworth – X99
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Some things to consider before buying your new office chair

There is a huge selection of office chairs available for you to choose from. From materials used to the type of support offered, there are many different things for you to consider before choosing which chair is best for you. Here are some of the most important things I think you should consider before pressing that buy button.

Build quality
A well made chair will last you many years. You don’t want to spend a thousand dollars on a brand new chair only to find it falling apart after 6 months. Always check that the manufacturer uses high grade materials and components in their construction.

Type of support offered
Different chairs can offer different types of support for your body. Most high quality chairs will come with built in lumbar support. Tension tilt lock or fully adjustable backrests are just two of the options you will have to consider.

Also important; are the armrests fully adjustable or not? This is very important for people that spend a lot of time typing, allowing them to type in a natural, comfortable position.

Ease of assembly
For the mechanically minded among us, putting together a new chair can be a pretty simple exercise. Check that your new chair comes with detailed, step by step instructions. For those of us without DIY experience most retailers will offer an assembly service on delivery.

Suitability for your workplace
If you work from home you can take choose any style that is to your taste. However, when working in a more controlled office environment it’s quite possible you will need to make sure that your new chair fits in with the overall aesthetic. Luckily with the huge range of styles available I am certain you can find a suitable choice for any workplace.

My top 5 high end office chairs

The chairs in my following list have been selected with a higher budget in mind. I feel that the price is reflected in the quality of design that each of my picks exhibit.

Herman Miller – Aeron

Herman Miller Aeron review

Yes it’s expensive. With that expense also comes more than 20 years of design experience. As it tilts Aeron conforms to your body to provide the perfect support for a variety of actions.

The chair is breathable allowing for comfort even on the hottest of days. The Aeron is the pinnacle of chair design. Herman Miller realise that not all people are built the same.

The Aeron is available in three different sizes, this way you can pick the perfect size for your body type. Three different finishes ensure that The Aeron will look simply perfect in any office or work space.

The Good

  • Incredible technology – Featuring the latest in ergonomic design technology Aeron is the complete chair. With seven independent zones that conform to your body as the chair tilts and swivels, the comfort and support offered is second to none.
  • Looks stunning – The Aeron looks as good as it feels. Its modern sleek design reflects the experience behind its creation.
  • No assembly – Lets be real, sometimes assembly of new items can be a real pain. From missing parts to unclear instructions it can take far too much time and effort before your chair is ready to sit in. The Aeron comes ready to go. Fully assembled before delivery, all you need to do is unpack it and take a seat.
  • Fully adjustable armrests – Extra strain can be placed on the arms and wrists when spending time working with computers. The padded arms can be fully adjusted for height and width.The pivot range allows for extra support while spending long periods of time typing.

The Bad

  • The Price – While the Aeron is expensive you’re not just paying for the name. If you have the money to spend it is well worth the asking price.
Lowest price for: Herman Miller - Aeron

Herman Miller – Embody

Herman Miller Embody Review

Another Herman Miller chair, the Embody continues to show the company’s unrivalled design ethic. Looking stunning with its contemporary design and offering enhanced support for people that sit for more than four hours every day.

This stylish chairs seat and backrest are made out of an effective matrix of pixels that respond to the the body’s movements giving the body the support it needs. Make no mistake the Embody is a high-end office chair worthy of its price tag.

The Good

  • Advanced ergonomic design – The design of the Embody is such that it can quite literally help you to think more clearly and to be more focused. The different layers in the seat cushion distributes pressure equally. This, along with the narrow backrest encouraging free movement, allows blood and oxygen to flow round your body while seated. All combined making you feel less fatigued and more focused on your work.
  • Full range of adjustable components – Packing the full range of adjustables the Embody is highly customisable. Adjustable seat depth tilt limitator combine with their patented lumbar support system to offer unparalleled upper-back and lumbar support. Finishing off these options are fully adjustable for height, width and pivot padded armrests.
  • Designed with the input of healthcare professionals – Herman Miller has over 20 years experience designing and building chairs. This wasn’t enough for them when designing the Embody however, the input of thirty physicians and PHDs has helped to create one of the most ergonomically advanced chairs you can buy today.
  • Extremely high build quality – When you buy from Herman Miller you expect quality and the Embody doesn’t disappoint. Coming fully assembled the chair is a sturdy as it is comfortable. And with a twelve year guarantee any problems you do face will be sorted out fast and efficiently by Herman Miller’s excellent customer service.

The Bad

  • Doesn’t come with a headrest – A pretty small negative point and to be perfectly honest the Embody doesn’t really need an extra headrest. But for some people that extra comfort and support is a must have when buying high end office chairs.
Lowest price for: Herman Miller - Embody

Steelcase – Gesture

Steelcase Gesture Review

From Steelcase the new Gesture Chair is a fantastic chair with a bold design. Coming equipped with all the features expected from a modern, high end ergonomic office chairs, the gesture offers a small twist in that it is designed for easier use around today’s technologies.

Easy to use controls for all adjustments do away with unsightly levers and paddles, this certainly helps to make these chairs a little more easy on the eye than your average ergonomic office chair.

Coming in eight distinct colours the Gesture can match any office or home colour scheme.

The Good

  • Inspired by the human body – The Gesture’s design is inspired by the human body. The back of the chair automatically adjusts, mimicking the natural movement of the spine.
  • Adjustable everything – Every aspect of your chair be adjusted. Seat height and depth are independently adjustable. The armrests can be adjusted for height as well width, promoting comfort and good posture when working with any device. Back tilt-tension and lock controls deliver a highly customisable experience that lets you adjust your chair for the perfect sitting position.
  • Intuitive Adjustment controls – Big paddles or levers really distract from the aesthetic appearance of any chair. With intuitive, but discreet controls for both seat height and depth and another for tension and variable backstop. The Gesture doesn’t sacrifice your comfort and health for its good looks.
  • No assembly required – The gesture is delivered ready to use straight from the box. Gone are the days of reading unclear instructions or looking around for that missing screw. Unpack and be ready to use in under five minutes.

The Bad

  • Reclining angles aren’t to everybody’s taste – I noticed on a couple of customer reviews that some people found the reclining function to not be quite as comfortable as they wanted. The Gesture seems to be designed around comfort while sitting up at your workstation.
Lowest price for: Steelcase - Gesture

Steelcase – Criterion

Steelcase Criterion Review

My second chair on this list from the guys at steelcase. Don’t let the fact that the Criterion looks more like a “normal” office chair than my last picks fool you.

Seven different adjustable facets allows for support through a wide range of seating postures.

Comes in multiple different colours to suit any office colour scheme. Designed from the ground up to be the perfect office chair Criterion not only looks the part but feels it as well.

The Good

  • Full range of adjustments – Almost everything can be adjusted on the Criterion. This is easily the most customizable chair on my list. Seat height and depth can be adjusted to perfectly suit your sitting position while the armrests can be independently adjusted to provide extra support while typing. If you like to lean back in your chair, the Criterion has a reclining backrest that can lock at any position you require, giving your back the support it needs.
  • Comes fully assembled – With its many adjustable components I can imagine putting together the Criterion could be a bit of a pain. Luckily it comes fully assembled and ready to use straight out of the box.
  • Incredibly comfortable – With its soft gentle curves and padded seat the Criterion is a joy to sit in. The extra versatility offered by its many adjustable parts only adds to the experience. Sometimes it’s nice to just lean back and relax and with its variable back lock you can rest in any position you feel comfortable in.
  • Comes in a range of colours – .whether you want your chair to stand out or to fit in with the office colour scheme steelcase has you covered. The Criterion comes in a range of tasteful colours that will fit in perfectly in any office environment.
Lowest price for: Steelcase - Criterion

Haworth – X99

Haworth X99 Review

Designed in Germany, engineered and manufactured in the U.S the X99 is a masterpiece in chair design.

Created to keep you comfortable and focused on even the hardest of work days. Featuring a waterfall edge seat, that helps relieve pressure on your hips and legs, which improves blood circulation and improves posture.

The bold European design helps to complete this excellent first rate chair.

The Good

  • Amazing build quality – Manufactured in the US using top quality components, the X99 is built to last. An incredibly sturdy chair, sitting in it is very comfortable and suffers none of the “wobble” that you can often feel in cheaper chairs. Sitting in the X99 you can feel where your extra money has been spent.
  • Twelve year warranty – Haworth stand by their work. Offering a twelve year warranty shows just how seriously they take the quality of their chairs. With excellent customer service and a pain-free exchange service your chair will feel like new for years to come.
  • Bold European design – The X99 stands out. Its smooth curves and elegant waterfall edge seat will look at home in the classiest of offices or at the head of the board table.
  • Easy assembly – Unlike the other chairs on my list the X99 does require some assembly. Not to worry though, included are clear and concise, step by step instructions. Making the whole process take a single person no longer than twenty minutes. Most retailers will offer an assembly service for those who would prefer the ease of an already assembled chair.

The Bad

  • The price – Like the Aeron, the X99 is very expensive. But also like the aeron the extra cost is reflected in its overall build quality and the multiple features that it offers. If you’re looking for a high-end office chair you could do a lot worse than the X99.
Lowest price for: Haworth - X99

High end office chairs, some final thoughts

Some things in life just aren’t cheap. If your looking to get a top of the range office chair with all the bells and whistles you’re going to have to spend.

In return for your money you will get unparalleled comfort, easy on the eye aesthetics and if this wasn’t enough the correct chair will make you feel more healthy and improve your posture.

I feel a good chair can never be underestimated and is well worth the asking price.