Leather VS Mesh

So, you’re getting ready to buy the office chair of your dreams. You’ve made your choice on manufacture and model. Now, only one decision remains, a leather or mesh finish. Below we discuss the pros and cons of each to help you make the right decision.

Why is the right material so important

In today’s day and age we spend a long time sitting at our desks or in front of computers. With all this extra time we spend sitting down comfort has never been so important and the right material for your chair can make all the difference.

There is very little that can rival the feeling of an awesome leather chair. In my opinion nothing comes close when you’re talking about pure comfort levels. But for people that love mesh chairs for their other benefits the news is good!
New mesh chairs are made from modern materials, so even though they aren’t quite at the same levels of comfort as a full leather upholstery they are more than suitable for long days at the office.

Good back health
People that are looking for a chair that not only is comfortable but also good for your back can rest easy knowing that fully adjustable ergonomic chairs are available in both styles.

One of the benefits of a mesh chair is the great airflow between your back and the chair. Sitting for long hours in a hot office can leave you feeling hot and irritated, leather chairs can compound this problem with the lack of decent airflow.

In all honestly with the quality of high-end chairs the deciding factor for most people will be how the chair itself looks. If you work in an old law office or bank a leather chair is more likely to fit the workplace style. For a newer modern day office or if you just have your own cubicle a mesh chair is way more likely to fit in.

Leather chairs have always had that air of respectability about them and are perfect for those with a nice corner office that needs to look smart and professional. Modern mesh back chairs come in all kinds of designs so finding a suitable chair for your office space should be no problem whatsoever.

The downsides

The only real downside to a leather chair is in hot weather they can become uncomfortable, which is not ideal if you are working through long summer days.

There really are no downsides to buying a mesh chair. If you have the money to spend a high end mesh chair is easily as comfortable as their leather counterparts. But, be prepared to spend a lot.

Final Thoughts

When deciding if you should choose a leather or mesh chair try and take a little time to consider the factors outlined above.

I strongly feel that if you are working long hours sat at a desk then a mesh chair is the way to go. The increased airflow a mesh chair provides really makes them the ideal choice. If your chair is for occasional use however, in your home office perhaps, then you really can’t beat a leather upholstery for looks or comfort.