The Dangers of a Bad Office Chair

Spending a lot of time on chairs can uncomfortable, painful and most dangerously harmful to your health.

Since the invention of the internet, people on avarage have been sitting in their chairs way longer than before.

We spend so much time in our chairs because we work in them (behind a computer), a lot of us do online shopping, we chat in them (Skype calls), we play games in them, etc…

The fact is, people now sit for most of the time they’re awake, especially if they have a desk job. So, for those of you who spend the majority of their time in chairs, there’s bad news for you from health researchers.

According to various studies, sitting for long periods can literally be lethal, especially if you are using the wrong chair.

This is not a 100% proven yet, there have not been enough peer studies, but a lot of health researchers are of opinion that sitting for too long doesn’t harm your health but sitting in a bad office chair does.

It would be smart to get ahead of the problem and invest in a comfortable office chair.

How bad can it get?

Most office chairs are cheap because employers want to buy them in bulk for a cheap price.

Some companies take care of their employee’s comfort and provide them adjustable chairs, but more often than not these chairs are also not good for your posture.

Traditional office chairs are made of cheap material to keep the price low. Which is why most companies buy them, no boss wants to spend more money than necessary.

Even though these chairs wear/tear very quickly compared to high-quality chairs, companies still insist on buying them. Even from a capitalistic perspective, it doesn’t make sense to buy cheap chairs that need to be replaced frequently.

These are some of the health related issues that you can get if you spend too much time in a poor quality office chair:

Back and neck pain

Office chairs are one of the biggest reasons for musculoskeletal injuries in individuals who sit for around 10 hours per day.

When you sit for long periods, the pressure on the disks in your back increases, and it starts sliding backward towards the nerve roots of the spine.

This happens after a while of sitting for long periods and in this condition, a slight bad posture or movement can cause the disk to tear.

The disk damage results in a herniated disc, which causes extreme back pain as it compresses the spinal nerve root.

You’ll start feeling numbness or a tingling sensation that runs down throughout the legs.

A disk tear can also result in sciatica, another painful condition in which the lower back hurts terribly.

Affects the blood circulation

Uncomfortable office chairs also affect the blood flow in the body.

If the chair isn’t adjusted properly, it can cause nerve compressions in various parts of the body especially the back, legs, shoulders, and neck.

If the armrests are not in the right position to help you sit in a comfortable position, they can cause shoulder, neck, and upper back pain.

If the backrest is not supporting your body properly, it’ll result in a severe backache and other issues due to improper posture.

Increases body fat

When you sit in the wrong office chair for too long, it makes you sit idly. As a bad and cheap office chair is not flexible enough, you are bound to make fewer movements.

Lack of actions may cause many problems in the body because your body is not made to sit still for that long.

A lack of movement also slows down the rate of metabolism in the body and, thus, reduces the process of burning calories. This promotes fat accumulation in the body and results in obesity and other health risks.

If this becomes the daily routine of a person, it can cause arthritis, diabetes, heart diseases, and other health issues.

The danger increases when you have your lunch sitting on that uncomfortable office chair and resume your work right away without a proper walk.

Decreases concentration

A bad and uncomfortable office chair can affect your job a lot. When you’re uncomfortable, you’re distracted from your work all the time.

If you feel numbness in your legs or pain in your lower back, shoulders, neck, or upper back, you won’t be able to do your work properly.

The worse the experience is, the more your time will be spent finding a comfortable posture for your body and adjusting and re-adjusting your position to get relaxed.

A cheap office chair will not offer you any comfortable position that will last for more than five to ten minutes.

Affects the efficiency of lungs

Sitting in a cheap and uncomfortable office chair can also result in breathing issues. Due to a decreased oxygen supply, your lungs will stop functioning properly.

If the lungs are not efficient enough, the blood purification process will slow down. Oxygen is needed for the proper functioning of the organs, and it is also dissolved in the blood.

Poor breathing habits can cause hindrance to various functions of the body.

Creates digestive problems

Sitting still in a bad office chair may lead to indigestion. Digestion plays an imperative role in keeping the body healthy and fit.

The food will reach the cells of the body only if it is dissolved properly in the bloodstream. Sitting idle in an ill-fitting chair for many hours can slow down this process.

A wrong sitting posture also leads to digestive problems because the body needs to be moving for proper digestion.

Increased risk of diabetes and heart-related diseases

Sitting for long hours in a bad office chair will lead to heart diseases and diabetes.

Heart diseases may occur because of the high cholesterol level. Several studies suggest that uncomfortable seats also result in stress in both the body and mind.

No doubt if the chair is uncomfortable and hard to sit on for long hours, you’ll feel pain and ache in the body and won’t be able to do your work properly.


A bad office chair can affect you and your performance in many ways. If you have a desk job, then you’ll obviously have to spend most of the time sitting. It is necessary that you invest in an ergonomic chair to avoid all the problems mentioned above.